Revenue Management Group, Inc. has diligently evaluated the leading providers of dealership programs to be certain they meet the strictest criteria as set forth in our "Committed Promises" statement, which one aspect of dictates that all products be fully insured by leading, well capitalized insurance companies.

RMG has chosen those superior companies rich in history as leading providers, those that have proven themselves in the industry. At RMG, we understand that the marketplace is the final arbiter of a company; it is the true test behind the quality of its products. Companies committed to quality thrive and prosper, those that fail to measure up soon disappear.

RMG represents products and programs from such insurance giants and administrators as Old Republic Insurance Company, Old Republic Insured Automotive Services, Inc., American Heritage Insurance Company, Allstate Dealer Services, The Warranty Group, First Extended Service Corporation, Virginia Surety and American National Insurance Company.

Listing of Products;