REVENUE MANAGEMENT GROUP. INC. (RMG) has been formed to meet the unique needs of today's automotive retail merchandiser. RMG brings an array of special talents and sophistication to the complex insurance and development needs of the automotive marketplace.

As the distribution arm of several Fortune 500 insurance organizations, RMG assists automobile dealerships in maximizing their product sale profit opportunities, while enhancing and/or creating additional revenue streams.

We recognize as a principled partner in this business trio of RMG/Dealership/Insurer that it is when all parties are working towards a common goal can we assist our benefactors to the degree called for in our Mission Statement.

Our promise of customer satisfaction, like yours to your customers, is the pledge of quality that stands behind each product and service. Paramount is the obligation to policyholders who purchase and entrust this partnership group.

RMG recognizes the entrepreneurial spirit of dealership owners and is especially mindful of the changing landscape requiring new business solutions. It is our ability to identify innovative action and our instinct for intelligent risk-taking that will allow prospective clients to understand RMG is a special place where business is done.

We await the opportunity to demonstrate our effectiveness........